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From the creator of Flappy Bird comes new release Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

Get ready to grapple with this one

From the creator of Flappy Bird comes new release Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

Something about teaming infuriatingly addictive gameplay with cute artwork has us eternally hooked. From oldschool arcade classic Flicky, to modern day smartphone teasers like Flappy Bird, we love accidentally subjecting sweet little characters to their doom. This new title, featuring Swing Copters favourite Spinki, follows a similar fate, whereby players must navigate the teeny tiny guy through a smorgasbord of tricky obstacles and enemies.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is a collaborative effort between Japanese publishers Obokaidem and the Flappy Bird creator from .GEARS, meaning that, contrary to the game’s simplistic layout and art style, it isn’t going to child’s play – although, we should mention it’s for both young and old players, so technically, it is…

The title is split into two different gaming modes: Challenge and Endless, with the former unlocking after completion of a number of levels. Challenge Mode sees Spinki dodging an array of treacherous weapons and enemies, on his quest to progress through the levels and pick up collectibles. Endless Mode, however, allows players to really test their skills, pitting them against other players across the globe in a bid to become the best.

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Now available from either Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play, you can now test your hand at the annoyingly addictive new release. Just make sure you don’t end up smashing your phone up with frustration upon realising that it isn’t quite as easy as it may seem.