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3 top tips for conquering Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

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3 top tips for conquering Ninja Spinki Challenges!!

So you’ve downloaded the new .GEARS and OBOKAIDEM Games release, Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, but you’ve already nearly launched your phone out of the window in frustration at the title – right? This game is a challenge, despite its kawaii layout and artwork, though once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes a truly enjoyable little number. So today, we’re here to offer our top 3 tips on keeping little Ninja Spinki alive and kickin’:

1. Patience is a Virtue

With fast-paced challenge games such as this, it’s easy to get hyped up and start throwing your character around the screen mindlessly in a bid to dodge enemies. However, the key to success with Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is to be mindful about your movements – if you can get away with staying hidden in one spot, do it – don’t go running around like a virtual headless chicken. You can even avoid doom by waiting out the timer in a safe spot.

2. Strategic Levelling

If you find that your strengths lie in a certain element of the game, be sure to play all the stages that strength relates to, which will – in turn – open up more levels of that type. This way, you can master the skills you feel most comfortable with one-by-one, until you find yourself racing up the high score leaderboards on your respective app store.

3. Master the Controls

Yes, this may seem like a bit of an obvious suggestion, but getting the movements right with Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is half of the battle. Little Spinki’s movements don’t calibrate 100% with your finger movements, so it’s handy to spend a few levels trying to get your head around the correct time to move the adorable chap.

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You can catch the new title and check out what all the fuss is about, by visiting your respective app store – Apple’s App Store, or Android’s Google Play. We’ll warn you, it’ll drive you a bit mad!