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Punny auto-runner Ninja Chowdown is out today on iOS

Punny auto-runner Ninja Chowdown is out today on iOS
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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Ninja Chowdown recently. The flashy graphics, pun-filled writing and fast-paced auto-running gameplay has held our interest since it initially caught our attention earlier this year, and it’s out today on iOS devices.

Ninja Chowdown is about Donatsu, a ninja hero who loves doughnuts, trains at the Dough-jo, and is called to action after the recent theft of the “Know-nut”, the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge. The game has you playing as Donatsu as he runs and jumps through city streets, utilising shuriken stars to fight his enemies as he goes, and scoffing pink-iced doughnuts that fills a metre on the screen. Once this has filled up he grows considerably in size, using his mass to body slam anyone who stands in his way.

You should watch the trailer below which we also highlighted during our recent Pocket Gamer LaunchPad, showing glimpses of a boss stage against the formidable Sushi Sam, who Donatsu is pursuing for the Know-nut. The game will test your patience and your timing as your dodge and shuriken-throwing skills require exact precision to lead to succession.

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There are 35 levels to play in Ninja Chowdown, with each stage lasting between 30 seconds and three minutes, depending on the enemies, obstacles and bosses. This makes it ideal to play in short bursts, when you just want to jump on for a quick round or two. And of course, be sure to expect a wide variety of food puns sprinkled throughout the story. Don’t play on an empty stomach!

You can download Ninja Chowdown now by grabbing it from the iOS App Store. It is a free to play title with in-app purchases available.

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