Ninja Chowdown, a scrumptious endless runner, is coming to Android devices soon

Ninja Chowdown, a scrumptious endless runner, is coming to Android devices soon
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Seen your friends play a really fun looking pixel art runner on their iPhone and really wanted to play it but can’t because you have an Android phone? Well, be sad no more! The game I'm talking about is Ninja Chowdown and it is finally coming to Android devices. You can pre-register for the game on Google Play from September 23rd.

This delicious looking game was designed by Dummy Dojo and Abylight Studios as an endless runner infused with some delightful arcade mechanics, creating a dish that you’ll eat (well, play) for hours at a time and one guaranteed to make you keep coming back for more.

ninja chowdown

So, what is this tasty treat all about? You know how pizzas are loaded with different coloured ingredients? That’s what it will feel like when you open Ninja Chowdown for the first time. It is full of colour and life. The story makes it even more fun because it’s filled with puns and heroes and villains bubbling with energy and charisma!

You wanna pizza me?! (I’ll see myself out…)

Who here thinks that being a ninja means eating no good food and instead constantly eating those boring vegetables to ensure you're in the fittest possible state? Donatsu, the protagonist of our story, would beg to differ. He eats donuts in by day, and by night is a ninja who trains tirelessly at the Dough-jo Donuttery under Dango-sensei. Oh, the puns.

If that wasn't punny enough for you, here comes the villain of the story, the Travelling Rollnin’s Leader, Sushi Sam! This monster of a person steals the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge, which Donatsu must retrieve.

Right from the beginning, Donatsu will face off against multiple enemies on various levels. Fill up his tummy with enough donuts and he will unleash the Doughjutsu, making him invincible for a limited amount of time!

You can download Ninja Chowdown for free right now on the App Store and pre-registration will go live on Google Play on 23rd September!

Hope our paths croissant again!

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