Digital Chocolate breaks out Nightclub Fever for mobile and iPhone

Enter the flashing atmosphere of Theme Club

Digital Chocolate breaks out Nightclub Fever for mobile and iPhone
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Digital Chocolate and its development studio Sumea have previous experience when it comes to nightclub-themed management games. Back in 2006 the publisher released the highly enjoyable Night Club Empire, so three years on it’s obviously time to remix the beat - enter Nightclub Fever.

The basic idea is similar. You have to work your way around the world map, building up your career as a nightclub owner by opening ever more popular venues, which you do by collecting money from your happy clientele and reinvesting it for better lights, DJs, bouncers and furnishings.

In particular, objects act as hotspots, which attract people to them and provide you with extra bonuses when they are filled to their maximum capacity. Also, each of the punters in your club will generate more money for you the happier they are.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a club is the music. Sumea will be making the most of this with the iPhone and iPod touch version of the game, as you can select the music from your device to play in the game. It’s also looking into doing something similar with mobiles, as device type and distribution mode (i.e. if the game is embedded embedding on devices, you get lower level access to hardware) allows.

Nightclub Fever should be released during the next couple of weeks.
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