We have a new comments system - log in with Facebook and Twitter

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We have a new comments system - log in with Facebook and Twitter

You may have noticed a few changes over the last few days to the Pocket Gamer site. Like that blue banner at the top of the screen with contact, advertising, and - what's this - a new log in system?

Yes, we've finally joined the modern age and added both Facebook and Twitter integration, meaning you can now not worry about remembering yet another password/username combination, and instead can get down to the joyous act of expressing your opinion.

How does one go about this, you ask? Well, it's as simple as hitting the log in button up there, and then picking your Facebook or Twitter account to use.

If you have the details saved in your browser already, you won't even need to type anything in - it'll link automatically once you give it permission to do so.

Post haste

If you're using a PG account happily and don't want to change, that's fine too - all accounts are still active and will be able to post as before.

Oh, and we've made it even easier to edit your screen name, password, and general preferences, too - just have a ganders at your profile on the top bar once you've logged in.

It's early days so there may be a few technical hiccups lurking around that we haven't yet squashed, so take advantage of the Contact button if you run into any difficulties.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
Will's obsession with gaming started off with sketching Laser Squad levels on pads of paper, but recently grew into violently shouting "Tango Down!" at random strangers on the street. He now directs that positive energy into his writing (due in no small part to a binding court order).