This week on Twitch and Kamcord: death and new life

Doom and bloom

This week on Twitch and Kamcord: death and new life
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iOS + Android + 3DS ...

We've been teasing it for a while, but after our successes on Twitch, this week we're launching a new streaming channel over on Kamcord too.

Our Twitch team isn't being altered at all, so no change there, but we did want to give this new service at Kamcord a try, so we've roped in our man Oscar for a series of solo shows. We won't be running the streams at the same time either, so you'll be able to catch both for maximum AppSpy streaming fun.

Here's the schedule...

Twitch - 5PM UK / 9AM Pacific / Midday Eastern / 2AM AEST Mon: Games Doomed to Die - games that have gone, and games that will go Tue: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS - HR5 can't be that far away, right? Wed: Eye on the App Store - the biggest releases, 24 hours early Thu: The Pocket Gamer Podcast - your weekly visit to bantsville Fri: #FreeGameFriday - paid games, given away for free Kamcord - 11AM UK / 3AM Pacific / 6AM Eastern / 8PM AEST

As this is our first week trying this out, things are subject to change and experimentation, and the days we'll be streaming on are also up in the air. Check in with us on social media to be kept up-to-speed.

You can follow us on Twitch, Kamcord, Twitter, and Facebook, so why not do exactly that?

Peter Willington
Peter Willington
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