This week on the PS Vita Store: Stealth Inc, Chaos Rings, and Metal Slug XX

Sneaky sneaky, ringy ringy

This week on the PS Vita Store: Stealth Inc, Chaos Rings, and Metal Slug XX

Another week, another meagre selection of new digital games for your PS Vita.

Okay, so that's not entirely fair. There IS a fairly large indie game out this week for which plenty of Vita owners have no doubt been patiently waiting.

Oh, and if you're an American and you have a PS Plus subscription, you should definitely check out the tidy discounts and a new 'free' game.

Let's crack on then, shall we?

Full-price releases

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is the big hitter this week. Previously available on PC (under a different name), this stealth platformer is now available for Sony's powerhouse portable.

I enjoyed my time with the game despite a slightly ropey second half, so it's well worth the asking price of £7.99 / $9.99. Go get!

Note that if you do pick up Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark this week, make sure you grab The Teleporter Chambers DLC as soon as possible. It's free for two weeks after launch, or £2.79 after that.

Otherwise, the only other new full-price Vita game you have to consider buying is Mahjong Royal Towers, which is essentially a cheap-looking £2.39 Mahjong game.

Oh, there's also new DLC for a couple of Vita games, although nothing great.

There's a selection of "Cheer Girls" in Dead or Alive 5 Plus, for instance. In Everybody's Golf, meanwhile, you can now pay cash to unlock all the various clubs and balls.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

Europeans! There aren't ANY fresh PS Plus discounts this week. Nothing to see here, chap. Keep on walking.

Americans! You can now grab PSP game Metal Slug XX for free, which is not too shabby at all.

Considering the discounts on Thomas Was Alone DLC Benjamin's Flight (down to £1.74) and Draw Slasher (down to $3.19), you should be laughing right now, my US friend.

PlayStation Mobile releases

Chaos Rings is the big new name on the PS Mobile block this week. This marks the first time a AAA publisher has released a game on the PS Mobile store... albeit a port of an old game.

Sure, the Chaos Rings RPG has been available on iOS since 2010, but don't try to ruin this momentous occasion.

Attack of the Mutants looks a little less polished than Chaos Rings, in truth. It's a space shooter about killing evil pizza putants, and it looks rather amateurish. 40p is its RRP.

fishFishFISH, meanwhile, is a 3D puzzle game. Its creator describes it as follows: "A cat ears woman moves freely... She likes fish. Please do not drop the bomb to FISH." Quite. That costs 79p.

PSP and PSone Classics

Aside from the free Metal Slug XX download for Americans, the Ben 10 PSP Bundle is available for $29.99 this week. Yay.

FIFA Soccer 13, the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials are all roughly half price right now, by the way.

And that's your lot. Back again next week!

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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