This week on the PS Vita Store - Killzone: Mercenary, Rayman Legends, and The Walking Dead

Kill Ray Dead

This week on the PS Vita Store - Killzone: Mercenary, Rayman Legends, and The Walking Dead

There are some pretty outstanding new downloadable releases on PS Vita this week, both in Europe and in the US.

We're talking about both AAA retail games AND smaller downloadable titles. Plus, there are tons of games on sale. Hurrah.

And if you're a PS Plus subscriber, you've got even more reason to fire up your virtual car and head down to the PSN store.

Let's check it all out, then, shall we...

Full-price releases

Killzone: Mercenary is the first massive new Vita release this week. It's the latest in the Killzone first-person shooter franchise, and it's the first on PS Vita.

It's also the best first-person shooter on PS Vita by far, as Mark explained in his review. You're a gun for hire, so expect to find yourself fighting alongside both the good guys and the Helghast.

Is it worth the £24.99 asking price? Heck, yes, it is. Especially if you're into your shooters. Get it downloaded now.

But Killzone: Mercenary isn't the only big name worth checking out this week.

The Walking Dead debuts on PS Vita this week, and costs £14.99 for the entire five episodes. Elsewhere, Rayman Legends will set you back $35.99.

Virtue's Last Reward: Complete Collection retails for £19.99, and comes with lots of sweet avatars for your PSN profile. KickBeat is out this week, too, though it's distinctly average.

And then there's Atelier Meruru Plus, a Japanese RPG on Vita that's packing more content than the PS3 version does. That'll cost you a mighty £31.99.

Sales, price drops, and PS Plus

Just in case all that wasn't enough, there's an almighty sale on Japanese games. We're talking money off the BlazBlue series, the Corpse Party series, the Dead or Alive series... and many more.

Your best bet is to check out this post on the EU PlayStation Blog with the entire list of discounted titles. If you're a PS Plus subscriber, you get an additional 10 percent off everything.

Over in the US, KickBeat is just $7.99 for PS Plus subscribers, while Retro City Rampage is down to $8.99.

PlayStation Mobile releases

The PS Mobile section is looking, well, a bit odd this week.

Reflection Speed Game is a two-player game about carrots who hold potatoes. I think you have to drop your potato first, or something. I honestly have no idea. It costs 65p if you're feeling silly.

Meanwhile, Unicorn Savior is a shmup about a giant robotic unicorn who is flying around and shooting enemies. Again, I assume that's what it's about - I'm only going off the mental screenshots here.

And that's your lot for this week - see you in seven days!