This week on the PS Vita Store: CastleStorm, A-Men 2, and Bloodred Wyvern

Storm time

This week on the PS Vita Store: CastleStorm, A-Men 2, and Bloodred Wyvern

There are a couple of interesting new digital games for the PS Vita this week. Trust me. I'm not a doctor.

There's also a meaty science fiction-related sale on, with plenty of decent games for your Sony handheld up for grabs.

Of course, you're going to need to update your Vita with the latest firmware before you can gain access to the PS Store. Preparing your device for the PlayStation 4 link-up and all that jazz.

Let's see what Sony has in, ahem, store for us this week, then...

Full-price releases

This week's big new Vita game is CastleStorm, a sort of Angry Birds / Swords & Soldiers mash-up that I enjoyed a hell of a lot.

There are vikings looking to bash your castle down, for starters. In return, you need to fling rocks, arrows, troops, and magic in their direction.

The game costs £7.99 / $9.99, boasts Cross-Buy support, and is quite honestly worth every penny. Go grab. Now.

A-Men 2 is, unsurprisingly, a sequel to the 2012 Bronze Award-winning game A-Men.

It's apparently more of the same tactical action-based fare, albeit with new worlds, challenges, and puzzles. There are beefy men in bandanas in it, so you can't really go wrong.

As with CastleStorm, this game costs £7.99 / $9.99. We'll have a review of this up on the site for you soon.

There's also Angry Birds Star Wars for Europeans. That retails for £24.99. Yeah... let's not be silly.

Sales, price drops, and PS Plus

You want Vita sales? You got Vita sales.

Super Stardust Delta is now £4.86, while the glorious Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a mere £3.12.

There's also Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for £11.99, and Miracle Space Race for £1.19.

Note that if you're a PS Plus subscriber, you can grab an extra 10 percent off the marked price. Nicely done.

PlayStation Mobile releases

There's a string of new PS Mobile titles available this week, with the most interesting one being Bloodred Wyvern.

It's an on-rails arcade game about being a dragon. For just 79p, it may well be worth a gander.

Elsewhere, there's Earth Assault for £4.49, Re:marriage for £1.19, and DECISION for 40p.

Back again next week, folks!

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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