Super Kindle to take on Apple iPad?

Amazon ups its game

Super Kindle to take on Apple iPad?

I've not read a paper book since I first started using a (brand new, at the time) Palm M500 to read e-books on, so I've always been more than a little interest in Amazon's Kindle.

The e-ink touchscreen reader was recently revealed to be flirting with games, which is reasonably exciting, but to be quite honest the iPad is likely to put the Kindle in a pair of concrete overshoes and send it to see Old Hob.

Even Amazon is apparently aware that the forthcoming competition is too stiff, as it appears to be upping its touchscreen game by acquiring technology company Touchco.

There's been no official confirmation from either company as yet, but the media seems happy that it's a done deal.

Touchco has been talking about its low-powered multi-touch, pressure sensitive touchscreen technology for quite a while now, which can easily be wrapped around an e-book reader or tablet.

The rumour goes that Amazon is putting Touchco to work on a Super Kindle with a full colour, multi-touch screen and a library of applications as well as books.