Sony exec reignites PlayStation Phone rumours

There's no smoke without fire from the horse's mouth

Sony exec reignites PlayStation Phone rumours
PSP + Java

Is Sony Ericsson working on a PlayStation Phone to take on Nokia's N-Gage? There have been rumours before, but the speculation has been refuelled by comments from Sony Computer Entertainment co-chief operating officer, Jim Ryan.

The Economic Times quotes him as saying, "The PlayStation is a proven success and so is Sony Ericsson. Convergence with the two arms working together is definitely plausible."

However, the ET's story strangely suggests that this convergence is likely to happen by, in its words, "the phone being superimposed on the console, unlike camera phones where the camera was put into the phone".

What we think this means is that rather than a PS2 chip being stuck inside a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, it's more likely to be a mobile module integrated into the PSP. Although the fact that the Economic Times refers to "Nokia's Engage series" has us wondering just how reputable a source it is for this kind of gaming rumour.

Anyway, watch this space for another PSphone rumour in, ooh, a few weeks' time.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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