Sony Ericsson officially unveils F305 motion gaming handset

Those leaks were bang on the money

Sony Ericsson officially unveils F305 motion gaming handset

We love it when a speculative internetweb rumour comes to fruition. Yesterday, we reported on the leaked info about a new motion gaming phone from Sony Ericsson called the F305.

Well, today the company formally unveiled it, and those rumours were right. The F305 is a slidey handset offering Motion Gaming, which we take to mean an accelerometer inside.

Three motion-enabled games are preloaded on the device, with the self-explanatory titles Bowling, Bass Fishing and Jockey.

However, Sony Ericsson says there'll be 50 more motion-enabled games available through its PlayNow service, and has confirmed that Gameloft is among the publishers supporting the technology.

The F305 also has a two-inch screen, stereo speakers, and a two-megapixel camera. You'll be able to turn it on its side to play games in horizontal mode too, with dedicated gaming keys next to the screen.

Sony Ericsson is promising eight hours of gameplay from a single battery charge, but as previously reported, there'll be an optional Power Pack accessory, the CPP-100, letting you rejuice the phone to keep playing.

The F305 is due to go on sale in the next three months, in a choice of 'Polar White' or 'Mystic Black' (i.e. white or black).

It's a shame the handset is only EDGE rather than 3G, though. Just because we play games doesn't mean we don't want fast web surfing too...

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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