Sony announces Tablet S launch, reveals details on clamshell Tablet P

PlayStation-certified Android tablets incoming

Sony announces Tablet S launch, reveals details on clamshell Tablet P

Speaking at its IFA 2011 press conference, Sony has formally re-christened its much anticipated S1 and S2 Android tablets the Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P, as well as divulging a few more details.

The Sony Tablet S is the company's traditional tablet, featuring a 9.4-inch IPS screen, Sony's TruBlack and Bravia display technology, and a Tegra processor.

You'll can pre-order it now in 16GB or 32GB and wi-fi or wi-fi and 3G variations. There will also be an infra-red port, allowing you to control your Sony Bravia TV (or somebody else's, if practical jokes are your thing).

On the gaming front, the Tablet S has two aces up its sleeve. First, you'll be able to control your PS3 with it – though it's unclear whether this will extend to in-game controls. And second, as we were already aware, it'll be PlayStation-certified like the Xperia Play, meaning you'll be able to play PS1 games on it.

The clamshell Tablet P will have two 5.5-inch screens and in its closed form will slightly resemble a PS3 slim. It'll also have 4GB of memory, two cameras, a 1GHz Tegra processor, and the same TruBlack and Bravia display technology as the Sony S.

In terms of gaming, it'll be PlayStation-certified like the Tablet S, and Engadget is reporting that games are already being modified to fit the device's unusual form factor. For instance, in Crash Bandicoot the controls appear on the lower screen while the game appears on the upper one.

The Sony Tablet S will be on shelves in September costing 470 euros, while the P will be available in November costing 599 euros.