Samsung to unveil 4-inch Galaxy S III 'mini' tomorrow


Samsung to unveil 4-inch Galaxy S III 'mini' tomorrow

Samsung has confirmed that it will be unveiling a smaller, "mini" version of the Galaxy S III in Germany tomorrow.

Head of Samsung's IT & Mobile Communications Division JK Shin revealed to a Korean news publication that the device's 4-inch display is a direct response to European demand for smaller handsets.

However, Shin stressed that Samsung does not consider the new model a low- or mid-range handset. Indeed, he emphasised the device's "full form factor" in his conversation with the Korean news outlet.

"Some call it an entry-level device," Shin said. "We call it a 'mini'."

Less is more?

The new device's 4-inch screen puts it in direct competition with Apple's recently released iPhone 5, at least in physical terms.

Aside from the display size of the Galaxy S III mini, though, Samsung has refused to offer any specifications ahead of the October 11th unveiling.

The Galaxy S III has proven hugely successful since its debut in May, with Sammy selling over 10 million Galaxy S III handsets within the first two months of its release.

The question is: will consumers who were put off by the Galaxy S III's heft be swayed by a more petite model? And - just as importantly - how will the impressive specs of the 4.8-inch model be impacted by the downsizing?

We'll find out tomorrow.

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