Rumour: Sony Xperia S successor on the way?

Goes by the name Xperia SL

Rumour: Sony Xperia S successor on the way?

A new arrival to the Xperia family could be on its way in the form of the Sony Xperia SL smartphone if a document hosted on Indonesian website Postel is anything to go by.

The document doesn't reveal a whole lot of information on this potential newcomer; a name and model number - LT26ii in this case - seems to be all that is known at this time.

When you consider that the model number for the Xperia S is LT26i however, the similarity seems reason enough to conclude that an upgrade is the most likely scenario.

This won't be the first time Sony's flagship handset has received a hardware revision. The Xperia Arc S, for instance, was a faster version of its 'S'-less sibling.

All other details about the possible smartphone are anyone's guess at this point, though.

We're betting, however, that the device - should it be real - will likely represent one of the first of Sony Mobile's Android Jelly Bean handsets for this year.

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Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson
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