PSP Slim and Lite delayed to September 14th in UK?

And initially available only in black

PSP Slim and Lite delayed to September 14th in UK?

Henry Ford famously said the customers of his Model T cars could have their purchase in any colour so long as it was black, and it's something Sony appears to have taken to heart.

At the time of writing, only GAME appears to offer the revised PSP for pre-order. But as you'll note from the above link, your option is rather limited when it comes to choosing the colour.

So let's hope you like your Sony handheld in Piano Black because the announced (and expected) Ice Silver and Ceramic White models seem unlikely to make the September 14th launch date.

Yes, you read that right. Despite confirming the European release date during the recent Games Convention in Leipzig as September 5th (tomorrow), the UK launch now appears to have slipped nine days. Which is news to us.

The last time we checked, the UK was still part of Europe.

That will explain why so few retailers have yet listed the product here, although it should be noted that the situation appears different over on the Continent. According to French retailers, the date doesn't seem to have altered there given that they continue to list it as September 5th. And they also get the option to have the Slim and Lite model in Ice Silver. And they have better wine. And bread. And cheese.

Returning to the UK, and related to all this, reports also seem to suggest that the official video-out cables won't be available alongside the handheld at launch, but will instead follow at some point in the future. Which is presumably when the other colour options are likely to show up.

Granted, it's unlikely many would have rushed to buy the new PSP on the strength of its colour or the video-out function, but the latter nevertheless represents a significant new function. Indeed, it featured prominently in Sony's marketing message when unveiling the redesigned hardware, so for it to be inaccessible from day one of the new machine's life feels particularly frustrating.

Not least because this isn't the first time Europe has faced compromises with regards to PSP. While we appreciate continent-wide launches aren't a walk in the park, Sony does appear to be making a habit of getting itself in a bit of a mess when it comes to them.

That's the kind of approach that may have worked in Henry Ford's day, but imagine if the latest Focus came only in one hue and without the appropriate wiring for the headlights, to be subsequently fitted at a later date?

Update: The PSP Slim and Lite has since been made available for pre-order from a number of UK retailers, all listing September 14th as the product's availability.