PSP on course to reach one million UK sales in 2006

That's enough to make it the nation's second best-selling console of the year

PSP on course to reach one million UK sales in 2006

How about a little perspective for Christmas? In an age of hyperbole and sensationalist headlines it's something that is sadly usually lacking, so as we head towards the end of the year it seems particularly appropriate.

With that in mind, Sony has announced that it's confident it will clock up a million PSP UK sales by the end of the year.

Okay, it's lagging a little behind what the DS has managed – Sony has downplayed the difference by claiming the two machines target dissimilar markets – but it does see PSP comfortably outperform both PS2 and Xbox 360 sales. A considerable achievement.

And crucially, it's momentum that's expected to carry on into the new year.

"The evolution you'll see on PSP will be greater than any console Sony has ever released," boasted a Sony spokesperson, "starting with new peripherals like the PSP camera, which is out in early 2007."

Promising words, which 12 months from now we hope to be agreeing with. In the meantime, pop back for our end-of-year PSP coverage next week for a taste of what's to come.