Pocket Gamer's Christmas Freebies #7 - CARD CITY NIGHTS

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Pocket Gamer's Christmas Freebies #7 - CARD CITY NIGHTS
Updated at 11:45 on December 16th: Whoops, we jumped the gun a little on this one. However, the game should now be free worldwide, so go and grab it.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for another free game.

Original story follows...
In the run up to Christmas, Pocket Gamer has teamed up with the developers behind some of this year's best games to give you ten award-winning iOS games for free. Come back every day for the next two weeks to get your games.

Today's entry on our advent calendar is the brilliantly balanced card-based adventure game Card City Nights. You can grab it from the App Store right now by following this link.

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The game feels like a cross between Magic The Gathering, a match-stuff puzzler, and Pokémon. You're a newcomer in a town obsessed with a card game, and it's up to you to become the best player in the world and win a bunch of money.

You place cards on a nine spaced grid. The cards have one of four different symbols on them - attack, defend, revive, and neutral - and arrows on some of their corners and sides.

Connect three symbols via these arrows and you make a combo. You might be able to hit your opponent or their cards, up your health, or revive a card that's been knocked out by your foe.

If you fill up the grid without making connections, you lose. Lose all of your health and you lose as well. You need to balance attack, defence, and combos that clear up some space, all the while keeping an eye on what the other player is doing.

Winning fights gets you booster packs that you can add to your deck. Tinkering with the cards you take into battle adds an element of strategy to proceedings.

When we reviewed the game we called it "fun, funny, and fundamentally unputdownable," adding that "Card City Nights is a fantastic mix of casual strategy and collectible card coolness."

And right now you can grab it for nothing at all, and if you haven't given the game a go yet, it's highly, highly recommended.

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