Playtomo to offer free mobile games with a Facebook twist

The next big thing in social games?

Playtomo to offer free mobile games with a Facebook twist

French company C4M has unveiled its soon-to-launch Playtomo mobile gaming application.

It'll let you download a catalogue of free mobile games from within the app, and then compare your scores with friends.

The twist is that you'll download the app from within Facebook, meaning it'll be automatically populated with your friends from the social network. It's one of the first attempts to bring the social features seen in Facebook games to mobile phones.

C4M plans to make money by selling adverts within the application, ensuring that the games remain free, and can be shared among users. The app will be available for Java phones, but also BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and even iPhone, in time.

The games themselves will be simple casual ones, often based on familiar genres. That means games inspired by the likes of Snake, Bejeweled and Tetris, but also more original fare like rotating puzzler Wamwam.

Playtomo is due to launch soon, and naturally we'll let you know so you can give it a try. But for more info on the company's plans, check the C4M interview on