PlayStation emulator heading to Android

Dual shock

PlayStation emulator heading to Android

Heavyweights of the emulator world ZodTTD (maker of iPhone emulators like gnuboy and Dr. Pocket SNES) and Yongzh (maker of Android emulators Gameboid and SNesoid) have teamed up for a new Android project – a PlayStation emulator.

The software is still in development, but it has already been demoed to, albeit with the Gameboid skin as opposed to a PSX-specific one.

So far the emulator has been demonstrated running Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer.

The framerate is not completely stable yet, but the developers expect to get 60fps from handsets like the Nexus One or Desire when it reaches release state, which would actually make it faster than the real PSX (if you played it on a PAL TV, that is).

The emulator is designed to run on Android 2.x, and will require a fairly top-spec phone to operate, so don’t expect your G1 or Hero to be able to take the strain.

Controls are handled via a variety of touchscreen and physical controllers, although the prospect of trying to drive a high-speed hover-car through Karbonis V with a trackball makes my brain shut down.

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