Player X lands a Red Herring award nomination

No, not that kind of red herring. This one’s real

Player X lands a Red Herring award nomination

Our good buddies over at Player X are celebrating today for being the only mobile company to be selected as a finalist for the Red Herring 100 Global Award.

The award recognises achievements in financial performance, innovation, management, global strategy, and ecosystem integration amongst other business related successes.

“We are understandably honoured to receive the Red Herring 100 Global recognition. This is a great start to 2009 and augurs well for the rest of the year,” says Tony Pearce, CEO of Player X.

The news follows the inclusion of Player X in the recent 2008 Mediatech 100 list and the company’s successful launch of its 100% Mobile portal on the O2 UK network – as well as its weekly features right here on Pocket Gamer.

The finalists, elite executives and venture capital leaders will celebrate the Top 100 Privately Held Companies from around the world in San Diego from January 14-16th, 2009.