OpenFeint arrives on Android along with 10 top games

Plans for 10 more by the end of the month

OpenFeint arrives on Android along with 10 top games

As you may have noticed from yesterday’s Fruit Ninja review, social gaming network OpenFeint has finally made its way over to Android.

OpenFeint allows users to connect quickly and seamlessly for online high-scores, achievements, and communication.

Developer Aurora Feint has far bigger plans for Android than support for Halfbrick’s fruity delight, though. Ten top iOS games have appeared on the Android Market with OpenFeint support (Fruit Ninja among them), with plans for a further ten over the next month.

Android gaming has needed a kickstart for some time now, which Jasion Citron of Aurora Feint recognises: "Android users deserve great games but haven't had access to enough of them," he said, adding that “there is a clear need for high quality games in the marketplace.”

His company has played an active part in getting these top quality iPhone games to the Android Market. Citron revealed that “the major wireless carriers are partnering with us to select the best games from iOS to bring to Android."

Here’s the full list of 20 games offering OpenFeint support, half of which are available now:

Face Fighter Gold (Appy Entertainment)
Touch Racing Nitro (Bravo Game Studios)
Symbolism (ChewSoft)
Cestos 2: Party Time (ChickenBrick Studios)
The Moron Test (Distinctive Developments)
Super KO Boxing 2 (Glu)
Mega Jump (Get Set Games)
Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios)
Bomberman Dojo (Hudson)
Must.Eat.Birds (Mediatonic)
Solipskier (Mikengreg)
Flick Kick Field Goal (PikPok)
Flick Kick Football (PikPok)
Flick Kick Rugby (PikPok)
Tic Tac Toe (Posimotion)
Super Slyder (Sandlot Games)
MiniSquadron (Supermono)
Kamikaze Race (TastyPlay)
Dot (ustwo)
Dot Dot (ustwo)

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