O2 announces UK launch date and price for Palm Pre

Get your 'Pre' order in now

O2 announces UK launch date and price for Palm Pre

The once-great PDA giant Palm has based its magnificent rebirth entirely on the success of the Pre, which has done pretty well in the US since its launch on June 6th. Estimations currently stand at around 800,000 Pre units having been shifted, which has helped put Palm back in the smartphone running.

O2 pulled a delicious coup by securing exclusivity on the Pre for the UK, right alongside its licence for the iPhone. The carrier has now announced an official UK launch date for the Pre of October 16th – a couple of weeks sooner than expected.

Tariffs will begin at £29.38 per month with unlimited data and access to O2's nationwide wi-fi network, though minutes and text messages are quite limited on the lowest 18-month contract, and the device will still carry a £96.89 price tag.

This is pretty much comparable to the iPhone, and as with Apple's decive, O2 is partnering with the Carphone Warehouse to get the Pre out across Britain. Also included in this deal is Phones4U, so the Pre should be pretty easy to grab if you're so inclined.

Are you so inclined? We want to know who's signing up for a Palm Pre-order (although it's also a pretext for getting maximum mileage out of that crap joke). Your thoughts in the comments section below, please.