New ZuneHD device could play Xbox Live games

Is this the Xbox Portable in disguise?

New ZuneHD device could play Xbox Live games

Pretty interesting news about Microsoft advertising for coders to work on a ‘mobile Halo project’, eh? Our initial thoughts, other than this sounding ideal for the iPhone, is that Halo mobile will probably be for Windows Mobile.

But Safety’s Off has another possible avenue for this hot Microsoft pocket game. The Zune system is supposed to be leaving its native US shores soon, though Microsoft has undermined its own PR campaign by announcing the ZuneHD player right alongside.

Details on this new device are still pretty sketchy, but it’s sounding as though it’ll be compatible with Microsoft’s software development kit, XNA.

To those of us who know nothing of coding, this essentially gives the ZuneHD the potential to play Xbox Live games, and with the rumour of a touchscreen also circulating, this could be the Xbox Portable Bill’s boys have been so avidly denying.

It would seem like a wasted opportunity for Microsoft to release a new PMP that doesn't give the iPhone at least a bit of competition, so fingers crossed the ZuneHD will live up to the rumours.