New OTOY technology to bring PC-quality games to mobile

Fancy playing GTA IV on your iPhone?

New OTOY technology to bring PC-quality games to mobile

As impossible as it sounds, TechCrunch has a video demonstrating the impressive new OTOY technology running a full quality version of the hit PC game Crysis running on a Samsung mobile phone.

This quantum leap in gaming possibilities is an extension of the recently revealed OTOY system. It works by performing all these complex, power-hungry processing tasks at the server end, then streaming games such as Crysis, GTA IV and World of Warcraft (any PC game, really) directly to the user's internet browser, without you having to install anything.

When it was initially revealed, OTOY suggested its system should work within any internet browser - and it seems we can take that claim quite literally. According to the company's chief strategy officer Mark Tseng, the OTOY technology will even work on the iPhone (and other mobiles and smartphones) over wi-fi or 3G - even with data speeds as low as 1.5 Mbps.

Considering that all the processing is performed at the other end, once you have an OTOY compatible handset, there will be no need to upgrade. This could also open for all new market for PC game developers who could sell the exact same game to both desktop players and mobile gamers.

There are still some issues to be worked out, so we probably won't be seeing OTOY on our iPhones just yet, but it's staggering to think that before long you could be playing GTA IV on your mobile, iPhone, Android, and for any other number of devices.