New iPod Nano gets downloadable games

Like the full iPod, they'll be sold through Apple's iTunes Store

New iPod Nano gets downloadable games

This week saw Apple's latest product launch, with iPhone taking a back seat to the latest generation of iPods. The main games-related announcement was that the new iPod Nanos will run downloadable games for the first time.

They'll work in the same way as full iPods in terms of buying games from the iTunes Store. And to get the ball rolling, three titles come pre-loaded on the new Nanos: iQuiz, Vortex and Klondike.

The new Nano come in two different models – a 4GB version for £99, and an 8GB version for £129. They're on sale immediately from Apple's online store, and presumably through other outlets in the coming weeks.

Also revealed was the new iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone minus the phone bit and camera, but with Wi-Fi and the ability to download directly from the iTunes Store. No gaming aspects were announced for it, but we're assuming it might run iPhone games, if and when they go on sale in the coming months.

Sadly, there was no news on when iPhone might get a UK launch, although the price of its 8GB model has been cut to $399 in the US, indicating it might be cheaper when it comes out on this side of the Atlantic.