Motorola 'X' Phone spied ahead of summer debut?

Colour us Xcited

Motorola 'X' Phone spied ahead of summer debut?

Nothing Motorola does ever seems to go as planned (besides the mass redundancies).

Will the firm's rumoured new 'X' phone - two leaked photos of which notorious Twitter tipster evleaks posted yesterday - help to propel Motorola back into the big league, though?

Not since 2004 and the launch of the original RAZR clamshell has the now-Google-owned firm really managed to sell any handset in huge numbers, you see.

Under the relatively new ownership (and stewardship) of Google, however, Motorola is reportedly set to release some all-new hardware, with improved specifications and some unique customisation options.

The phone everyone is talking about, then, is the belowpictured so-called X Phone.

If you look very closely at the image below, you will see the word "XFON" printed underneath the top barcode.

If you look just as closely, you'll see the letters "ATT" just to the right of "XFON".

Using our powers of deduction - and with some help from anonymous sources - we reckon this device will be available on AT&T in the US around July.

Blurrovision: You can just about make out the 'XFON' and 'ATT' codes

From what we've been reading and hearing on the ol' interweb, all of the infamous Motorola bloatware will be removed from this new flagship Moto device.

The firm - unsurprisingly enough given it's a Google subsidiary - is reportedly in favour of a vanilla Android OS experience on its latest hardware.

This should mean timely OS updates to the X Phone, with Android firmware rollouts from Moto's parent company presumably guaranteed within days of the Nexus devices receiving them.

4G whiz

In terms of leaked specs for the X Phone, well, we can expect a 4.7-inch 1080x1920 display, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 4G connectivity.

According to some reports, Motorola may integrate some form of touch control on the rear of the phone, an idea that Motorola toyed with on the Backflip back in 2010.

With Google I/O just around the corner, there's a chance we might hear some more about Motorola's X Phone phone then. We're all - ahem - crossing our fingers.

Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris
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