Mid-week iOS releases: Tiny Wings HD, Pocket Heroes, Crash Birds Islands, and more


Mid-week iOS releases: Tiny Wings HD, Pocket Heroes, Crash Birds Islands, and more

Welcome back to Pocket Gamer's round-up of the latest iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mid-week releases.

As you all probably know by now, we produce this article each week because we're simply too busy to bring you a story on every single new game that hits the App Store.

These games have recently hit Apple's New Zealand outlet, meaning they should be available to download in the UK and US from around midnight this evening.

iPhone Pocket Heroes
By Ayopa Games - buy for iPhone

If you're in the market for a co-operative multiplayer-only role-playing game that features hand-crafted dungeons and hours of quests, Pocket Heroes could be just the title for you.

This game allows you to play with up to three friends and use in-game chat channels to communicate.

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Tiny Wings HD
By Andreas Illiger - buy for iPad

It's here. There's finally a proper iPad version of über-popular endless-flyer Tiny Wings.

This tablet version boasts some new features (which have also been added to the iPhone version via an update), such as iCloud support, new characters, and three game modes (Day Trip, Flight School, and Hill Party).

You can also play against your buddies in a Multiplayer match using a single iPad.

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Universal Knights of the Round Cable
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

Knights of the Round Cable (yes, C-able) takes place in a world populated by dragons, witches, ghosts, god knows what else, and kidnapped princesses.

Your job is to rescue these damsels in distress by swinging through each of the game's stages and nabbing precious gems, which you can use to purchase all manner of goodies.

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Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam
By Naoplay - download for iPhone and iPad

Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam looks very much like an endless-jumping game. It isn't, mind. It is, however, packed with 50 different obstacle-filled stages for you to sink your teeth into.

Basically, you have to make your way through each stage collecting coins and nabbing achievements. You should probably avoid that deadly green cloud of poisonous gas that's constantly on your tail, too.

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Bounty Racer
By QuadSphere - buy for iPhone and iPad

Bounty Racer is a colourful arcade-style off-road racer that features "unique drift, jump, and bounce gameplay". Don't go expecting a mobile version of Gran Turismo, then, eh.

That doesn't mean it's short on game modes, though. Bounty Racer is crammed with five unique game modes and no fewer than 75 events to participate in.

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Crash Birds Islands
By ANIMA - buy for iPhone and iPad

Your aim in this game is to guide three cute birdies through a variety of different levels, avoid hazards, and complete challenges, such as collecting coins and passing checkpoints in pre-determined time.

Or if real-world birdies have been waking you up early every morning with their unbearable tweeting, you can vent your frustration in this game by driving Fred, Suzy, and Jack straight into the nearest wall. Over and over again. I'm not bitter, mind.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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