Mid-week iOS releases: Megatroid, SoloRola, Spy vs. Spy, and more

Looking forward

Mid-week iOS releases: Megatroid, SoloRola, Spy vs. Spy, and more

If you're reading this message, then something has gone terribly wrong with the PG time machine.

I thought I could control its power. I was wrong. Now, humanity itself is threatened thanks to what I've done.

My only hope is that the information stored within this recording will prove useful in the upcoming war against the birdmen. Yes, yes, it's a list of games that are launching tomorrow on the App Store, but - er - I'm sure it's important.

Never give up hope, pocketeers. Never surrender.

iPhone Car Toons!
By FDG Entertainment - buy for iPhone

It's rare we get an iPhone-only release these days, but, hey, Car Toons! is a rebel.

In this latest title from FDG Entertainment, your goal is to push around a variety of vehicles in order to solve dastardly physics-based puzzles - over 100 of 'em, in fact.

Universal Worm vs Birds
by Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

The aim in Worm vs Birds is to take out as many of the birds in a level with your worm's cannon as possible, using the least amount of ammo in the process.

There are different types of shots, 60 levels, "SPECIAL WORMS" with their own way of firing, and two game modes to gun your way through.

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by Slick Entertainment - buy for iPhone and iPad

There is only one thing better than a lumbering mech with rockets for arms - a lumbering giant tortoise with rockets on its back.

Coincidentally, that's exactly what you play as in Slick Entertainment's side-scrolling action blaster Shellrazer.

There are 50 levels of action to blast your way through, 30 different types of enemies to eviscerate, and loads of "champions" to rescue (and presumably pop on your back).

This is exactly the sort of weapon that would serve us well in the fight against the bir- [can we stop this now, please? - Ed]

By Triolith - buy for iPhone and iPad

Talking of useful weapons, Mr Megatroid (no relation to Ms Metroid) seems like a handy chap to have around during a battle with interdimensional avian fiends.

Megatroid is a side-on action-platformer that puts you in the shoes of Hali, hoping to free the galaxy from The Imperium rule (aren't we all, eh?).

The big selling point for this attractive blaster is the presence of dynamically generated levels, which should hopefully mean no two games are alike. Except for the whole 'killing hordes of The Imperium' element, which is a universal thing.

MANOS - The Hands of Fate
By FreakZone - buy for iPhone and iPad

Get ready to step back in time and relive the bird... - sorry, the 8-bit glory days - with this unashamed throwback to cassette loading and hideous chip-based sound effects (yeah, you heard me).

MANOS pays homage to many of the classic side-scrolling platformers of the past, most obviously through its massive boss fights and an unrelenting difficulty level.

There's also an incredibly convoluted plot, delivered via the app description and through text boxes in game. Nice.

Blazing Star
By SNK Playmore - buy for iPhone and iPad

Take control of some spacecraft and destory everything to the right of you in this classic from the Neo Geo era.

There are six spaceships to control, co-op play over Bluetooth, and a new Mission Mode that allows you to pick a stage you want to play, rather than do everything again from the start.

High score fans will be glad to know that Blazing Star uses Game Center, and that it looks insanely hard.

By Square Enix - buy for iPhone and iPad

SolaRola managed to earn a Platinum Award back in the day on mobile, so we're quietly hoping this smartphone adaptation lives up to its Java counterpart's reputation.

Essentially, the game takes the form of a puzzle-platformer in which you control two little blobs called Wiz and Waz as they bounce and roll through over 60 crazy levels.

I don't think it'll be picking up a Platinum Award after five years away from the mobile scene, but it's certainly one to look out for now it has Square Enix behind it.

Spy vs. Spy
By Robots and Pencils - buy for iPhone and iPad

Spy vs. Spy on iOS takes the old 8-bit classic and pops it into a nice modern suit for a new generation.

The aim of the game is still the same - find all the items hidden around an embassy and escape on a plane before your opponent does the same.

This modern remake comes with the option to switch to retro graphics, a Campaign mode for the solo player, and full online multiplayer for the more social among you.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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