Mid-week iOS releases: Max Payne Mobile, Crow, StickWars 3, Burnout Crash!, and more


Mid-week iOS releases: Max Payne Mobile, Crow, StickWars 3, Burnout Crash!, and more

Welcome back to Pocket Gamer's round-up of the latest iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mid-week releases.

As you all probably know by now, we produce this article each week because we're simply too busy to bring you a story on every single new game that hits the App Store.

These games have recently hit Apple's New Zealand outlet, meaning they should be available to download in the UK and US from around midnight this evening.

iPhone Fighter City
By Gamevil - download for iPhone

Fighter City is a location-based slap-'em-up in which you learn a variety of fighting styles, such as muay thai and tae kwon do, to try and become the best fighter in your real-world city.

You can even establish your own dojo and recruit apprentices; and equip your dedicated fighter with new weapons and accessories - all of which will enhance his skills.

Universal Max Payne Mobile
By Rockstar Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Max Payne Mobile is a port of Rockstar's classic PS2, Xbox, Mac, and PC slow mo-infused 2001 shooter, which follows tough cop Max Payne in his attempt to avenge his murdered family.

Thankfully, this port features customisable controls, numerous aiming modes, and all of the cheats found in the original Max Payne release.

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom
By Triniti Interactive - buy for iPhone and iPad

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom sees you take up arms against a spreading darkness, which is consuming your homeland following an act of greed from your king.

This adventure sees you partake in dozens of fantasy quests; collect and equip tons of brutal weapons; and slay hordes of enemies.

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By Sunside - buy for iPhone and iPad

Crow is a story-driven action-adventure title that combines exploration and combat, as you travel to a faraway land and take part in an ancient battle.

The choices you make as you play through this game alter the course of the game's world. So, you can choose whether to spare your foes and suffer the possible consequences, or just strike them down.

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StickWars 3
By PulsePlay - download for iPhone and iPad

StickWars 3 is, naturally enough, the third instalment in PulsePlay's castle defence franchise. This time around, though, instead of controlling the good guys, you take on the role of the evil King Maelnik and his undead army.

You can increase the defence rating of your castle with a whopping 60 different upgrades, and unleash a variety of nasty baddies, including zombie archers and necromancers.

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 4
By Telltale - buy for iPhone and iPad

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 4 is the penultimate episode in Telltale's point-and-click adventure franchise, which sees you step into the shoes (paws?) of self-styled Freelance Police officials Sam and Max.

This episode follows the game's two inspectors as they attempt to find missing person Bosco, who's literally disappeared off the face of the planet.

Burnout Crash!
By Electronic Arts - buy for iPhone and iPad

Burnout Crash! is a top-down spin-off of the award-winning Burnout console franchise that charges you with causing mayhem, huge pile-ups, and lots of destruction across three game modes.

That's a lot easier than it sounds, as you can utilise road blocks, tornados, tidal waves, and even UFOs.

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Aero Vacation
By Chillingo - download for iPhone and iPad

In Aero Vacation, you're challenged to design an airship fit for ferrying tourists and to pack it full of interesting attractions, such as health spas and golf courses.

You can further personalise your airship by giving it a custom name and logo, and invite your friends to take a ride on it.

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By Tatsuya Kaido - download iPhone and iPad

SlitherLink features a bunch of logic puzzles that are as difficult to explain as they are to complete. Basically, you have to draw lines around numbers while adhering to two simple rules.

Firstly, you have to connect the dots scattered around the game's playing field to make a circle around each number. Secondly, the number of lines that surround a number have to match the number on the board. Clear?

Got Cow?
By David Miller - buy for iPhone and iPad

Got Cow? is a physics-based game that invites you to defend some peaceful cows against some unscrupulous alien invaders across some puzzle-filled levels.

As you play, you'll encounter black holes, asteroids, and wormholes - all of which will affect the rockets you fire at your alien foes.

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