Microsoft launching Zune in Europe tomorrow

As part of the next Xbox Live update

Microsoft launching Zune in Europe tomorrow

Microsoft’s Zune will be unleashed on Europe tomorrow, though not in the way you might have hoped.

This isn’t the gorgeous-looking Zune HD that’s been wowing our American friends, with its iPod touch-rivalling multimedia capabilities. Rather, Zune will be the new name for the Video Marketplace on Xbox Live - Microsoft’s online gaming network.

It’s not just a name change, however, as the Zune service will offer instant HD (1080p) video streaming, so no more waiting for your rentals to download (provided your internet connection’s up to it, presumably).

Xbox 360 owners were emailed about the update, which will also include Twitter and Facebook support, on Friday.

Hopefully this is only the first stage in the process, and we’ll be seeing the Zune HD on these shores in the not too distant future.