MagicSolver: We're not shutting up shop, but we are moving on

App discovery firm won't close on 24 March

MagicSolver: We're not shutting up shop, but we are moving on

App discovery specialist MagicSolver has refuted claims first reported on that the firm is to close, dubbing the story as "not accurate".

However, according to company CEO Emmanuel Carraud, while MagicSolver will not close its doors on 24 March as claimed, it has decided to "move on from the app recommendation market".

"The landscape for app recommendation has become far more complex than it was back in 2009 and we do not expect that to change in the short term," detailed Carraud in a statement.

"We do have plans for the future, but we are not ready to share them yet. What I can promise is that we will be back shortly with the same commitment to innovation that has driven MagicSolver so effectively over the past five years."

Eye on employees

Earlier this week was contacted by a reliable source who claimed MagicSolver was to shutter before the end of March due to its apps falling foul of Apple's notorious App Store clause 2.25.

Said clause allows Apple to remove apps that could be perceived as an 'app store within an app', with updates to MagicSolver's main app and its additional calendar apps having either been blocked or pulled from the App Store entirely by December 2013.

AppGratis and AppShopper have both run into trouble with Apple over clause 2.25 in the past, with the former switching focus to Android as a result.

As a result, our source claimed the company had resolved to "call it a day", with all staff set to be let go as a result.

Indeed, while Carraud refutes any suggestion that MagicSolver as a company is to close down, no guarantee has been given as to the fate of its workforce. We've contacted the company for more information.