Kongregate Arcade app brings ‘world’s largest collection of free mobile Flash games’ to Android

Android gaming’s Flashy new weapon

Kongregate Arcade app brings ‘world’s largest collection of free mobile Flash games’ to Android

Despite its general success, the Android platform has its work cut out catching up to iPhone as a gaming platform.

There’s one massive and hitherto relatively untouched area in which it holds a significant advantage, though - Android can do Flash.

More specifically, Android can run Flash games with minimal fuss. To that end, the Kongregate Arcade app has been released onto the Android Market.

The app represents “the world's largest collection of free mobile games for Android” – over 300 at launch.

Kongregate is a leading free browser-based game site that attracts over 13 million visitors each month. It incorporates achievements, player profiles and a finely honed game discovery system – all of which have been integrated into the new Android app.

Indeed, one of the purposes of the app is “to solve the game discovery problem that all Android owners have shared.”

This comes on the back of Kongregate’s buyout by American retail giant GameStop. Unsurprisingly, the Kongregate Arcade app will be promoted in all 4,600 GameStop stores throughout the US, which is all part of the plan to “jumpstart Android as a viable gaming platform.”

New games will be added to the service weekly, while Kongregate is said to be “actively looking to identify opportunities to work with its community of more than 8,500 developers to create new Flash based game content exclusively for the Kongregate Arcade library.”

We’ve long spoken of Android’s potential in the Flash games field. Could it be about to realise its potential?

Kongregate Arcade is available now for free on Android Market. It'll run on all devices running version 2.2 or above of the mobile OS.
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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