iPad hits international Apple Stores, Fry shows up, police manage crowds

At last

iPad hits international Apple Stores, Fry shows up, police manage crowds

Well, it's here. After two months of watching our American cousins play with their iPads - the second month of that being a delay caused by the sheer volume in which they snapped them up - we in the UK can finally stroll into an Apple Store and buy one.

BBC News reports that there was a 'carnival' atmosphere at the London Regent Street branch this morning, where the following spectacles could be observed:
  • The world's tallest married couple, there to promote the Guinness World Records iPad app.
  • 17-year-old Jake Lee, who had waited outside the store since noon on Thursday.
  • Stephen Fry, who already had one but showed up to buy a 3G model.

Customer Barry Church stumbled out of the store clutching his iPad and summed up the phenomenon of Apple fanboyism succinctly: "I've never used one but I had to have one."

The iPad comes in 3G or wi-fi-only flavours, and with 16, 32, or 64GB storage. The cheapest model 16GB wi-fi - is GBP 429, and the most expensive 64GB 3G is GBP 699.

If you plump for a 3G model, you'll also need to set yourself up with a tariff. Vodafone, 02, Three, and Orange are currently offering 3G tariffs. Click here to get a full iPad data price comparison.

And click here for a full iPad guide.

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