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How to defeat every boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Available now on SHIELD Android TV

How to defeat every boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available to download on NVIDIA's Tegra X1 powered next-gen entertainment platform, SHIELD Android TV.

The critically acclaimed game set in the Borderlands universe focuses on Handsome Jack, the antagonist featured in Borderlands 2 who now leads a group of four playable characters on a mission to regain control of Helios and destroy the Lost Legion.

In the following guide, we walk you through how to defeat the boss enemies you will encounter in the game.

Warning: the following guide contains numerous spoilers.

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Flame Knuckle

As the name suggests there's fire going on here. Lots of it. Flame Knuckle has flamethrowers that have quite a good range so it's important to keep your distance in between attacks on him.

He's quite a slow moving brute so keep moving and when you see an opportunity aim for either his head, or, if you can get behind him, the fuel tanks on his back.

Red Belly

This unusual Boss is actually two characters that form into one. The top half is Red and the bottom half is Belly.

There's a definite order in which you should approach this tricky adversary. First make sure you have a fast firing weapon. Keep your distance from Red Belly and use your sniper rifle to take pot shots at the guy from a distance. When the two parts separate, go after Red and you should be able to take him out from a distance fairly easily.

Then, with the fast firing weapon approach Belly and go to town on his now exposed head.


This guy is not quite as difficult to beat as he first appears providing you adopt the right tactics. First clear away as many of the Scavs as you can.

When facing Deadlift be wary of his electrocution attacks. The trick is to gradually break down his shield using a sniper rifle then, when you see him about to rush you or attack you, use the nearest jump pad to get out of harm's way.

Keep repeating this method and eventually you will defeat Deadlift.

The Bosun

The Bosun is an extremely tough enemy. He has multiple weapons so stay away from him. At the start of the battle do not attack the Bosun. He has a shield that is pretty much impenetrable.

Look around the arena and you'll see that there are four shield generators powering his defences so be sure to take those out right away. When that's done he is much more vulnerable so go for headshots until you've taken him out.

Felicity Rampant

This is a difficult fight because Felicity has a number of drones that keep regenerating her shield and there are other mechs in the mix too.

Try to avoid the attacks of the other mechs while focusing on taking out the drones whenever you get the opportunity. With them out of the way you can then concentrate on attacking Felicity.

It's a long tough battle but you'll eventually wear her down.

Colonel T. Zarpedon

The Colonel is a nasty piece of work as she's able to come at you with lightning attacks, a sword, and missiles. However, there's plenty of cover around the arena so use that to dodge her attacks and get your hits in where possible.

After a while, her mech suit will be destroyed and you will have to face Zarpedon herself which is even trickier. She wields a staff weapon very effectively so keep your distance so you don't have to constantly deal with that.

While attacking from a distance you need to constantly be aware of incoming energy ball attacks and a wave attack that has to be jumped over.


If you can, try to acquire a corrosive laser weapon before fighting RK5 as it will make an extremely tough fight much easier.

First concentrate your attacks on his missile launchers and then, whenever possible, get underneath him and take him out from below.

The Empyrean Sentinel

Like Colonel T. Zarpedon, the Sentinel wields a mighty staff and goes through four different stage transitions with different weapons during each.

Don't get close because his staff attacks will take you out in double quick time. Use your booster to stay out of trouble and just keep pumping away at him from a distance. There's unlimited ammo to be found here so just keep moving and replenishing.

When defeated, he's replaced by the even tougher Empyrean Sentinel. This guy has many different attacks including electrifying the floor and spraying corrosive acid over whole areas reducing your movement options.

Avoid the electrical attacks by using the platforms to get off the floor. Keep your distance and concentrate your fire on his face mask until it's destroyed then continue your attacks on his face.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available to download on SHIELD Android TV via Google Play for $14.99.