HeroCraft confirms cancellation of Paradox's Hearts of Iron Mobile


HeroCraft confirms cancellation of Paradox's Hearts of Iron Mobile

HeroCraft has confirmed that its iOS and Android port of Paradox's epic strategy title Hearts of Iron has been canned.

Hinted at way back in 2008, the mobile version of this WWII-themed PC favourite was scheduled to be deployed this month.

However, rumours began circulating yesterday that Paradox had opted to cancel the project, with all trace of the game vanishing from HeroCraft's homepage and YouTube channel.

Broken Hearts of Iron

We reached out to a HeroCraft spokesperson, who had this to say regarding Hearts of Iron Mobile:

"I can confirm that this project, in its current form, has been cancelled. I would like to assure fans of the genre that HeroCraft remains dedicated to bringing the best strategy games to mobile devices, and we have a number of exciting projects currently in development."

Going by the wording of the statement above, we wouldn't rule out the possibility of a WWII strategy title emerging from the HeroCraft barracks at some point in the future (though, if it did, it wouldn't be bearing the Hearts of Iron logo).

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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