Green Throttle Games announces Atlas Controllers and Arena App for Kindle Fire HD

Support for other Android devices coming soon

Green Throttle Games announces Atlas Controllers and Arena App for Kindle Fire HD

The unconsole gaming market for the Kindle Fire HD is really starting to - ahem - heat up, thanks to the release of Green Throttle Games' Atlas controller and the companion Arena App on Tuesday.

Announced back in November, Green Throttle aims to bring a full console gaming experience to smartphones and tablets via its proprietary Bluetooth controllers and a micro HDMI cable.

Thus, if you want to bring your Android gaming experience to a larger TV screen, there's no extra cradle or device to purchase outside of the HDMI cable and Atlas controller - which we incidentally went hands-on with at the end of January.

Warming up

The first step interested Kindle Fire HD owners will want to take is to download the free Green Throttle Arena app from Amazon's app store. This app will allow users to access all games currently supported by Green Throttle.

At current, the list of supported titles is a bit sparse with four free games (Crystal Swarm, Fish Tails, Coral Combat, and Blocks Party) and APO Snow ($1.99 / £1.49) available at launch.

Green Throttle notes that these are all provided as demo games, and that - within weeks - it plans to add support for the action-RPG ChronoBlade and Freefall Tournament, a first-person shooter.

Controllers can be purchased either at the Green Throttle Games' website or on A single controller will cost you $39.95 (~£27.99) while a bundle, which includes a 6' micro HDMI cable and a $10 gift card, will set you back $89.95 (£59.99).

Green Throttle did not provide details for when support for other Android devices will be added, but we've been told to expect it "soon".