Gameloft tops Top 50 developers list

Firemint, Rovio, Chair, and PopCap round off the top five

Gameloft tops Top 50 developers list
iOS + Android + Bada ...

Gameloft has come out top of the Top 50 Developers list, beating the likes of EA Mobile and Rovio to the prized first position.

2010 was the strongest year for the French publisher/developer yet, seeing the release of critically-acclaimed and best-selling titles such as N.O.V.A. 2 and Modern Combat 2 top App Store charts across the world.

Rovio, creator of the 50 million-selling Angry Birds, managed to secure second place in the chart, having become the flag bearer for iOS development in 2010, while Firemint, creator of Real Racing and Flight Control, secured third place.

Chair Entertainment’s ground-breaking Infinity Blade secured the newcomer to the mobile sphere a well-deserved fourth place, while PopCap - which now makes a third of its income from mobile - held onto fifth thanks in part to the success of Plants vs Zombies.

While there is the option of viewing all the companies that made it into the list in the form of your run-of-the-mill website form, we heartily recommend that you have a look at the attractively laid-out .pdf version instead, complete with softographies and interactive diagrams - the best kind of diagrams. is our business-focussed sister site, dealing primarily in the financial and corporate going-ons in the world of portable gaming. Top 50 developers

50. Snappy Touch
49. Kairosoft
48. Hexage
47. Big Blue Bubble
46. IUGO
45. Cave
44. DistinctDev
43. Miniclip
42. TeamLava
41. Bight Games
40. Godzilab
39. NaturalMotion Games
38. HandyGames
37. Bolt Creative
36. Neon Play
35. Matt Rix
34. Gameprom
33. Spacetime Studios
32. Gamerizon
31. Lima Sky
30. GameHouse
29. Media.Vision
28. Crescent Moon
27. Get Set Games
26. Digital Chocolate
25. Ideaworks Game Studio
24. Pocket Gems
23. Polarbit
22. NimbleBit
21. id Software
20. Rockstar Leeds
19. Square Enix
18. Fishlabs
17. The PlayForge
16. Zeptolab
15. Newtoy/Zynga with Friends
14. Com2uS
13. Glu Mobile
12. Gamevil
11. Namco Bandai
10. EA Mobile
9. Backflip Studios
8. Capcom Mobile
7. Halfbrick
6. ngmoco
5. PopCap
4. Chair Entertainment
3. Firemint
2. Rovio
1. Gameloft

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