Gameloft releases second WiiWare-exclusive game

Wild West Guns is out now

Gameloft releases second WiiWare-exclusive game

Like many mobile game publishers, Gameloft has been turning its attentions to other platforms in recent months, including Nintendo's WiiWare downloadable games store.

Having already released one exclusive title for it, TV Show King, now the publisher has released another. It's called Wild West Guns, and is a collection of rootin' tooting' shooting mini-games.

The game's been designed to work with Nintendo's Wii Zapper gun peripheral, although it also works with standard controllers, too.

It's got six levels, each with three challenges, and you unlock new locations and enemies as you progress. The game offers solo and two-player modes.

Wild West Guns is on WiiWare now, and costs 1,000 Wii Points to buy. Will it come to mobile phones too? That's why we're covering it and you can definitely imagine it working well on touchscreen handsets (iPhone, anyone?) but we'll have to wait and see.