GAME OF THE DAY - Slayaway Camp is a brilliantly gruesome puzzler

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GAME OF THE DAY - Slayaway Camp is a brilliantly gruesome puzzler

Oh look, it's Wednesday already. I'm not entirely sure how that's happened, but here we are already revealing the third winner of our prestigious #gameoftheday award for June. Click here to go to our #gameoftheday hub where you can find all the titles that have so far received the accolade.

What's the point in all of this? Well as far as we're concerned here at Pocket Gamer, it's our job to make sure you're always playing the very finest mobile games - and since there are so many of them, there's a chance you've missed one. The #gameoftheday is here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Today's pick is the gory puzzler Slayaway Camp, and we'll tell you more about it in a few sentences. While you're here though, smash a click on this here link and check out our reviews section, which is full of our opinion on the latest mobile and portable games.

Slayaway Camp

Where other games are about stopping the bad guys, Slayaway Camp is all about embracing the carnage of the dark side. You're playing a hockey mask-clad villain who's out to kill unsuspecting teens at the titular camp.

The game plays out like one of Square Enix's Go games, with you moving your killer around a board in an attempt to kill everyone you can. There are police that'll try and stop you, and traps you can spring to cause even grislier deaths. And trust us when we say the deaths here are already super grisly.

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When we reviewed Slayaway Camp we called it "A clever puzzler with an intriguing and gory package wrapped around it," and gave it a Silver Award. Click here and you can read our Slayaway Camp review in all of its gory glory.

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