GAME OF THE DAY - Feist is a puzzling platformer that's worth more than one glance


GAME OF THE DAY - Feist is a puzzling platformer that's worth more than one glance

Every day here at Pocket Gamer we like to tell you all about an awesome mobile game you might have missed. It's all part of our #gameoftheday initiative - all we want is to make sure that you're playing the very best mobile games that money and time can provide. Because bad games, as the name suggests, are bad,

Today's pick is the intriguing puzzling platformer Feist. We'll get back to that in a mo, but if you smash a click right here you can check out all the other games that have been awarded the #gameoftheday award. Each and every one of them is what some people might term "a total whammer." And by some people I mean me, just then.


At first glance, Feist might look a bit derivative, but don't let that put you off. There's so many fresh ideas here, and so much passion has obviously been poured into the project, that you're going to forget about the games it looks like within a few minutes. Seriously, that's how good it is.

There are puzzles and challenges to solve, and some set-pieces that are going to fill you with a special sort of dread. You don't have many moves in your arsenal, so you need to learn to use the environment to your advantage. There's sneaking, there's jump scares, and there's a whole lot more as well.

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When we reviewed the game we said "it might have a look of other games, but Feist is worth picking up on its own merits," and gave it a super shiny Gold Award. Click here and you can read every word of our Feist review. We highly suggest that you do, as well. But then we would.

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