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Game Craft’s Legend of War now available for pre-order

Coming to Google Play and App Store May 26th

Game Craft’s Legend of War now available for pre-order

Real time strategy game Legend of War is set for release at the end of this month, with a smorgasbord of enticing features. The Game Craft creation is due to hit down with Android and iOS compatibility by May 26th, promising immersive gameplay in which players must strive to flank opposing legions, siege spell and weapon-based attacks and, ultimately, build their own empire.

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Appealing to fantasy lovers with its array of mythical creatures and legion-specific strengths, the new release uses an innovative touchscreen battle system to ensure a fully interactive experience. Waging war on enemies is a cakewalk with the siege weapons function, whereby players must drag across the screen to catapult attacks.


When you’re not thwarting the opposition with weaponry and spells, the game delivers a pleasing amount of character progression and personalisation in its town management. With guilds and consequent guild wars a-plenty, there ought to be plenty to get stuck into with this title, whilst the competitive real time nature will keep players on their toes for hours.


Pre-registration is now available, offering $10 towards in-game items and add-ons, before the release.


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