Free apps of the day - Infect Them All: Vampires, Feast or Famine

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Free apps of the day - Infect Them All: Vampires, Feast or Famine

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Infect Them All: Vampires

In Infect Them All : Vampires, you have to sink your teeth into helpless humans and transform them into an army of bloodthirsty minions.

Naturally, your meaty targets are going to fight back.

In fact, you'll have to learn how to overcome around 30 different types of enemies and five powerful bosses in this game.

This colourful arcade-style features four different game modes, including an Infinite mode that offers endless gameplay, and a Blitz mode in which you have 90 seconds to spread your vampire virus.

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Feast or Famine

Your name's Glyph. You're a stick figure.

Your aim is to chase down a horde of delectable bison across open plains and over waterfalls in order to feed the meat-craving inhabitants of your settlement.

Feast or Famine contains 40 levels of increasing difficulty and lovely-looking visuals that are inspired by real-life cave paintings.

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