First details of DeNA Sweden's icebreaking Halo-inspired shooter emerge

Reading between the fine print

First details of DeNA Sweden's icebreaking Halo-inspired shooter emerge

Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA just announced its recent financial figures.

You probably don't care much, but over on the business site, these are the sort of figures we lap up like small kittens with a saucer of milk.

What might interest you, however, is news of hot new game from DeNA.


But first a quick explanation.

The company operates through its Mobage social network, which as well as publishing games on iOS and Android, offers the usual friends interactions - leaderboards, achievements, challenges etc.

Sadly, most of the current games on Mobage are - in my opinion - tedious card-battling games such as Rage of Bahamut and Marvel: War of Heroes.

But there is hope for the future.


During 2011, DeNA announced it would be setting up a development studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Neatly, it was set up by a bunch of people from EA's DICE studio - famous for the Battlefield games, and has since hired from developers like Crytek, Grin and Avalanche.

But nothing was confirmed about the game it was making.

Even when someone from the studio spoke about their working practises, there was no mention about genre or topic.

Perhaps the closest anyone got to information was website Gamasutra, which spoke to studio head Ben Cousins.

He pointed to Halo as his inspiration.

"I would love us to be one of the icebreaking teams that creates something that's successful in its own right, but also leads the way and creates the whole market as well," he said.

Now that comment makes much more sense as hidden away in DeNA's financials (see above), we learn that the game will be a first person shooter and the logo is a grimy, gritty skull.

But that's all at the moment. More as it emerges.