Facebook working with Zynga, EA, and more to create games for Open Graph

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Facebook working with Zynga, EA, and more to create games for Open Graph

At yesterday's F8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed several new features for the social network's Open Graph, which will aim to increase both the discoverability and virality of social games.

For starters, the social network's new 'Ticker' feature - a, "lightweight stream of everything that's going on around you" - will display your friends' social gaming activities, even if you don't play games on Facebook yourself.

The 'Ticker' will not only display the games that are currently being played by your friends, but also in-game activities and achievements.

For example, hovering over a 'Ticker' update of your buddies playing Words With Friends will allow you to see in real-time the words that are being used in-game. You can then click on this again, and view the in-progress game on a larger display.

Facebook is currently working with over a dozen big social gaming studios, such as Digital Chocolate and EA, to bring games with this type of functionality to its Open Graph.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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