Expect more iPad games from PopCap in 2010

Bejeweled and Peggle rumours start here

Expect more iPad games from PopCap in 2010

While the appearance of Plants vs. Zombies on iPad was a surprise for me (I'd previously headlined the fact PopCap wasn't doing launch games), it seems more games are due from the casual kings.

Its director of mobile business development Andrew Stein told, "We expect to have more games released in 2010 but we haven't made any announcements yet."

So that's Bejeweled and Peggle on the cards then.

Go big, go better

However, while "very excited" about iPad, Stein points out that it, and the entire tablet category, will take time to mature and won't replace mobile.

"A larger tablet, like the iPad, is something you need to choose to take with you as it doesn't neatly fit into a pocket. Only the phone offers the potential for a user to play PopCap games wherever they are," he explains.

Still Stein thinks iPad will enable developers to charge more for their games.

Plants vs Zombies HD is $9.99 compared to a launch price of $2.99 for the iPhone version.

"To the extent developers really leverage the iPad to offer games that take advantage of the iPad features to create unique premium experiences, then consumers will be willing to pay higher prices and still feel like they're getting great value," he says.

"The bigger screen itself won't be able to drive higher prices but the bigger screen can allow the developer to create a more immersive, better, richer experience that a consumer feels is worth a higher price."

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