EA plans four more iPod games

But what will they be?

EA plans four more iPod games

EA has revealed in its latest financial report (see our other findings here) that it will be releasing four new iPod games this year.

Only one of the four has been confirmed so far, Sims Bowling, leaving us iPod fans wishing our lives away wondering what the three remaining titles could be.

In a perfect world they would be Hard Hat Mac (the EA-published Donkey Kong clone released on the Mac II) some sort of pinball game, and an iPod version of Tempest. (For more ideas, see our still 100 per cent relevant feature, Why the iPod still needs iPod games).

EA currently offers five games (Mini Golf, Mahjong, Royal Solitaire, Tetris, and Sodoku) for the iPod, via iTunes. The software giant has also been rumoured to be working on iPhone games but so far has made no official comment.

Whilst we wait to find out what the new iPod games will be, our American readers can check out a free demo of Mrs Pac Man (which we've already reviewed) that is available on their iTunes now. Meanwhile the rest of us here in Europe can grumble about not having access to it.