Doom Resurrection, RAGE HD, and more in QuakeCon iOS sale

It'd be a good id-ea to buy them now

Doom Resurrection, RAGE HD, and more in QuakeCon iOS sale

QuakeCon 2012 is under way, and if you don't know what that means, you're either very young or you didn't spend the '90s locked in your room playing PC games.

For those of you who are / didn't, QuakeCon is a yearly festival of hardcore PC gaming laid on by id Software - the legendary developer behind Doom, Quake, RAGE, and probably a few other butch monosyllabic game titles that we can't think of right now.

While PC is id's company forte, though, it's ventured out into the wonderful world of mobile games in recent years. Titles such as RAGE HD and Doom Resurrection have wowed iOS gamers with their luscious 3D graphics and manic arcade gunplay.

Retro sale

To mark the start of the latest QuakeCon event, id has put those very two games on sale. Alongside these are Doom Classic and Wolfenstein 3D Classic, which are conversions of the two old skool shooters that really gave id its ID. If you catch my drift.

Another oft-forgotten iPhone gem that's included in the sale is Wolfenstein RPG, which replaces the relentless action of the other games with some slightly more considered turn-based fare. Only slightly, mind.

Doom II RPG repeats the trick for the Doom series, unsurprisingly.

All of the above id games are down to 69p for the duration of QuakeCon, which runs until August 5th (that's Sunday).

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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