Developers facing compatibility issues with DSi?

Potential problem emerges

Developers facing compatibility issues with DSi?

With just a couple of days standing between Nintendo fans and the launch of the DSi in Japan, excitement around the new bit of camera-kitted, online-compatible hardware is growing faster than animosity between Guy Ritchie and his shy and retiring wife Madonna.

But it seems not everyone has cause to be throwing the DSi looks of lust and admiration. For some, the new hardware is proving to be a right pain in the backside - and we're not just talking about poor Activision with their once-genius-now-pointless GBA-slot compatible Guitar Hero: On Tour.

Pocket Gamer has been told by one developer that its studio is having problems with one of its forthcoming games being compatible with the DSi hardware. Rumour has it that games have hit hurdles in the certification process on the grounds of technical issues.

If true, this is an issue that raises a couple of questions. Firstly - is Nintendo really going to penalise developers who have a game ready for release in a way that could damage them financially by suddenly hitting them with new criteria for making their games DSi compatible?

Secondly, if a game currently in development is having to be re-coded to fit DSi, should we expect there to be problems with the hundreds of games that have already been released on DS? Even if it's a problem that will affect only a handful of games, it's still going to be a set-back for a new console designed to co-exist with the current DS hardware.

We contacted Nintendo to get official word on whether there are known compatibility issues.

They told us: "All DS titles are compatible with DSi, with the exception of those that require use of the GBA slot."

With the new console being delivered into millions of eager hands shortly, we're sure if there are any problems they'll be made public pretty quick. So, watch this space. And hope it doesn't crash.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
Kath gave up a job working with animals five years ago to join the world of video game journalism, which now sees her running our DS section. With so many male work colleagues, many have asked if she notices any difference.